Great values such as empathy, respect for animals and the protection of biodiversity to children.


Cheempo, the first character created by Nima Kids, is based on a real chimpanzee of the same name who lives in the forests of Senegal, Africa, and is part of a conservation program run by the Instituto Jane Goodall, the Spanish chapter of a global nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Jane Goodall and dedicated to the protection of chimpanzees in difficulties worldwide.

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Inspired by Cheempo and other animals that live in the forest, we will create a cartoon series for children aged 2-6, with the main aim of conveying, in a simple and fun way, the adventures of animals living freely in their natural habitat.


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The Series

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The Videogame

Help Cheempo to find his mother walking through his natural habitat, where you will find obstacles and dangers to overcome.


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